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Hello and welcome to trainztrainsandmodels
we are the uk based site that addresses all things trainz trains and model railways we hand make  70% of our model items  and also offer a competitive repair service for your  oo gauge  trains   remember our help is but a click away

trainz the ultimate railway sim  .We aim to offer  you trainz sims for the pc  at one of the best prices in the uk  just click the link below for you  desired edition  



3)ultimate 2 disc


more titles added daily

you can request stock levels and estimated delivery  at any time  by emailing or we exist to serve the  customer you are no1 and we never forget it  

model railway , we offer everything from fences to  signal road signs ballast  the list goes on  for your ease please email


with your requirements and we will be happy to help   


what ever information  you are looking for  our extensive  question area we  will answer it  from model railways to  actual working model railways near you or just the  history of your fav train  we  go loco to find what you are looking for  Contact Dave At 

trainz trains models
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